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The municipality of Izola is in the northwestern part of Istria and is a part of the Koper Littoral. The territory has the shape of a triangle, which borders the municipality of Koper in the east, the municipality of Piran in the south and west, and the sea in the north. It has a Meditteranean climate with mild winters and hot summers.

The settlements of Izola are Baredi, Cetore, Dobrava, Izola, Jagodje, Korte, Malija, Nožed and Šared . The municipality is divided in 5 parts (Staro mesto, Haliaetum, Livade, Jagodje-Dobrava, Korte). The highest point is the Malija Hill.

Municipal festival is celebrated on 11 July, the day a large number of men joined partisans.

The coat of arms has the shape of a shield and it represents a flying dove with an olive branch in its beak (according to legend) and in the background a blue sky and a yellow semicircle, which symbolizes the island. The flag is blue with the municipality’s coat of arms in the middle.

The name Izola in Italian (Isola) means an island. It connected with the mainland around 1800.

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Izola ( pronunciation (help·info)) (Italian: Isola d'Istria) is an old fishing city and a municipality in southwestern Slovenia on the Adriatic coast of the Istrian peninsula. Its name originates from the Italian Isola, which means island.

An ancient Roman port and settlement known as Haliaetum stood to the southwest of the present town as early as the 2nd
century BC. The town of Izola was established on a small island by refugees from Aquileia in the 7th century . The coastal areas of Istria came under Venetian influence in the 9th century. The settlement was first mentioned in writing as Insula in a Venetian document entitled Liber albus in 932AD. It became definitely the territory of the Republic of Venice in 1267,
and the centuries of Venetian rule left a strong and enduring mark on the region. The Venetian part of the peninsula passed to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation in 1797 with the Treaty of Campo Formio, until the period of Napoleonic rule from 1805 to 1813 when Istria became part of the Illyrian provinces of the Napoleonic Empire. After this short period, during which Izola's walls were torn down and used to fill in the channel that separated the island from the mainland, the newly
established Austrian Empire ruled Istria until November 1918. Then Istria became part of the Kingdom of Italy, until Italian capitulation in September 1943, whereupon control passed to Germany. Izola was liberated by a naval unit from Koper at the end of April 1945. After the end of World War II, Izola was part of Zone B of the provisionally independent Free
Territory of Trieste; after the de facto dissolution of the Free Territory in 1954 it was incorporated into Slovenia, then a
part of Yugoslavia. The newly defined Italo-Yugoslav border saw the migration of many people from one side to the other.
In Izola's case, many Italian speakers chose to leave, and in their place Slovenian-speaking people from neighbouring
villages settled in the town.



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