Sun, sea, vacation, and a wide smile - Apartments Bevk Piran!                                Sun, sea, vacation, and a wide smile - Apartments Bevk Piran!                         Sun, sea, vacation, and a wide smile - Apartments Bevk Piran!

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Apartments Piran Slovenia

Apartments Piran Portoroz Slovenia

   Phone: 00386 (0)5 90 22 111
   Mobile: 00386 (0)31 623 682

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    Surroundings offer?

    Swimming and sunbathing
    Relaxation and rest
    Coastal climate and air
    Walks at sunset
    Exploration of the coastal towns
    Fun in Portoroz
    Culture and Arts
    Sightseeing Seashore
    Trips with boats at sea
    Music and dance
    Trips to the coast or abroad
    Open space imagination ...

Enjoy your holidays with a BIG smile !    Apartments Bevk, Piran

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Due to climate particularities, olive oil of Slovenian Istria is recognizable for its distinctive aroma and appreciated because of the favourable fatty acid composition.

Slovenian Istria is one of the northernmost landscapes where olives still grow.
The olive making tradition dates back in the past, but it is in large expansion in the last three decades.
Natural conditions, knowledge and commitment of producers of olive oil provide exceptional internationally recognized results. The label Extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria assures that olive oil has been produced from local varieties of olives and bottled in the area of Slovenian Istria. It must contain at least 30% of oil from the variety “Istrian belica” which gives the oil longer freshness and quality due to the high content of natural antioxidants.





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